AMRSP Statement on Edsa Anniversary
General Campaigns
Tuesday, 23 February 2010 16:19

Today marks the 24th anniversary of the people’s victory against tyranny and dictatorship. In February 1986, the Filipino people proved that the power of darkness need not prevail over the great rays of light. Freedom was regained, and the people’s voices and power triumphed!

The gains of EDSA gave us opportunity to look back at the things that led the people to rise up against the dominant powers at that time. We were made conscious that it was the curtailment of freedom and democracy and the oppression committed by the Marcos conjugal dictatorship that pushed the Filipinos to take on the cause to topple down the conjugal evil. The abuses brought about by the long arms of the dictator reached that point where the country could no longer bear it and so the people raised their voices in discontent and anger and swore that never again would evil prevail in our land!

The struggles and victories of EDSA were short lived. The powers that corrupted the government and the authorities of the Martial law years succeeded in creeping back into the minds of those who were entrusted with leading our land. Then, and now, the people are again facing the very same enemy that they toppled in EDSA during those great days of February 1986. The dreams that EDSA promised never materialized, for the atrocities that the people of 1986 denounced, happened again and in fact are gaining greater momentum now compared to what was happening then.

It is a fact that the church to which we belong, was greatly instrumental in the fall of that dictatorship. But we have allowed the rise into power of another power hungry leader that has brought about a situation that smacks of martial law. Hence, the situation has not changed for the better. The poor have remained poor and helpless and they are increasing in numbers each day. The workers remain unjustly and inhumanely treated, the farmers are still landless and many Filipinos are forced out of the country in desperation and hopelessness. Because of this reality, we as Church ,are again challenged to take on the burden of denouncing the excesses of this present administration.

The time for us to rise up again and to make our voices heard is NOW. We are witnesses to the blatant disregard of the rule of law committed by the present regime, and we simply must not sit
idly in one corner looking at another conjugal dictatorship stealing the wealth of our people and continually disregarding the tenets of justice and righteousness which we, as Church, are supposed to protect and defend.

A glimpse of truth on issues of corruption was revealed in the NBN-ZTE exposé but nothing came out of it because of the manipulations of those in power. More could have come out if the present regime had not succeeded in hiding its corrupt practices under the mantle of executive privilege. But the time of reckoning will come. Divine justice shall prevail

We are tired of deceit! We are tired of corruption! We are tired of betrayal of our peoples’ interest! We cannot allow these to rule and dominate the Philippine landscape especially now that we are again hearing sweet promises of hope coming from those aspiring to be leaders of this country. We must learn the lessons of our history and be vigilant never again to fall into the pit of destruction caused by men and women’s insatiable quest for power! We have reached our limits! We cannot allow another betrayal to happen! Let us all be united in guarding our future by not being easily swayed by the promises of those who claim to be poor or poor in origin! Let us be very vigilant never to trust those people wearing a lamb’s mask, yet inside, they are wolves out to devour our people and our children’s future! Let us reclaim the hope that EDSA gave us!

Long live the spirit of EDSA! Long live freedom! Long live Democracy!

(SGD)Sr. Mary John Mananzan, (SGD)OSB Fr. Jesus Malit, SSS
AMRSP Co-Chairpersons

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 February 2010 16:22

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