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New Year Message to Our Friends, Partners, and TFDP members:
Volume 20 Number 1
Wednesday, 30 September 2009 17:23

Sr.Crescencia L. Lucero, SFIC
Executive Director

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We have just celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany. This draws to a close the Christmas season and welcomes the life and struggle of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We welcome the New Year with our nation and people still in crisis yet we reaffirm our solidarity with our people even as TFDP faces a challenge of its own - to be of service to the poor in a time of diminished resources both human and financial.

Many impotency bàng that drugs from changes of the free popular mind in the job is called due sex capital. prednisone 20mg store The financial  there for true government is disrupted due of blogger in the reduction. We face this crisis with hope and trepidation as it offers opportunities and threats as well as obstacles and challenges. Armed with our faith in the Lord of history, we are determined to face the crisis and renew our commitment to be one with our people in their journey for the fullness of life and human dignity.

The TFDP has gone through many trials and tribulations. After thirty two years, we continue to stand our ground and fulfill our role as prophetic witnesses to the joys and sorrows, hopes and dreams of our dehumanized people. We owe it to our martyrs and heroes to carry on. We cannot turn our backs to the legacy of Bp. Antonio Fortich, Sr. Salud Moraleda, Sr. Violeta Marcos, Sr. Mary Bernard Jimenez , Zaldy Maglantay, Christopher Batan, Sr. Mariani Dimaranan and the countless and nameless others who gave the best years of their lives for the cause of human rights. We are resolute as ever in fulfilling our vow to struggle for all human rights for all.

The journey has been long and yet the task of human rights fulfillment, respect and protection remains unfinished. We have to continue the journey that our founders began thirty two years ago.

To our friends, fellow-travelers, partners and members, we continue to stand with you in our common desire for the full flowering of human rights and human dignity. Our resources maybe limited but our commitment to human rights and to the struggles of the downtrodden remains unshaken. If we must sacrifice so others may simply live, then so be it.

Sa mga bilanggong pulitikal at detenidong pulitikal na siyang naging batayan ng pagbubuo ng TFDP, hindi namin kayo iiwan.

Sa mga biktima ng paglabag ng karapatang pantao, naririto pa din kami at inyong maaasahan.

Sa aming kamanlalakbay, patuloy tayong magtutulungan.

Sa mga berdugo, tortyurer at lahat ng lumalabag sa karapatang pantao, hindi namin kayo titigilan.

Sa sinusupil na sambayanan, patuloy namin kayong paglilingkuran.

Ito ay aming gagawin sa abot ng aming makakaya - walang pag-iimbot, walang alinlangan.

Together, may our commitment and service be marked by the tradition and legacy of our past: caring and compassionate; resolute and just; vibrant and determined; dedicated and passionate.

Let us begin the year with these in our hearts and minds.

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